UP! Mini has arrived!

Bootstrap Studio now has a UP! Mini 3d Printer. If you would like a 3D print, please use the contact form to attach the model you would like printed and I’ll give you a cost based on type of plastic and the weight per gram. Most common file types accepted Maya 3D, *.obj or *.stl preferred. If you don’t have 3d software or don’t know how to model in 3d and you have an idea. I can build it for you or we could work on it together if you like. There is always a solution, nothing’s impossible ;)

UP! Mini

UP! Mini 3D printer and some objects I’ve printed

If you would like to see what filaments you have to choose from, please visit the manufacturer’s website here : http://store.3dprintingsystems.com/3D_Printer_Filament.

Max output size is approximately 120 cm square.

I have white, black and clear. Please let me know the colour you want and I’ll get it or you can BYO. The twisted one is a little gimmicky but still pretty cool :)

There is an ASUS XTION Pro Live 3d scanner, which is basically an XBOX Kinect clone if you would like an object or even your self scanned in as a 3d model.

ASUS Xtion Live! Pro

3d scan using ReconstructMe!

3d scan using Scanect. Rendered in Maya using Mental Ray and GI switched on.


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