My first 3D record is ready for printing.


This is a render of a 3D printable record I made following the instructions on Amanda Ghassaei’s instructables page.

I’ve been converting her Processing code into mel script. Here is what I have so far: (I need help)
The way I am doing it is first by reading the input file in as an array. Then, creating a Nurbs curve and appending control points at certain intervals while spiraling inwards by the groove thickness.

I am going to rewrite this script so it uses the frames-per-second of the scene and the timeline rather that doing it all in memory like this script does. This way I can watch something interesting at least while it does the calculations. As well as probably creating a pretty cool actual 3d sound visualisation as it progressively works all the math out.

Here is the .csv file. I just chopped the front of the file off because the script takes a very long time to run. This is just the last few seconds. Download the infile.

*WARNING This is not a distributable, I have posted this so hopefully someone can help me get this project going and collaborate. I’d like to hear from anyone who knows more about sound frequencies, electronics or maths or whatever. I’m teaching myself here.

Here is a playblast of the script using a higher value for the scale factor of the wave (yval).

You will find it in the script here: float $scalefactor = 0.001;

I’ve been putting together a script to make the plate for the record printing. This is for a 12″ record only. For more info click the link below.

Here is what I have so far. (I’m converting inches into cm here)

These dimensions are from this website outlining the RIAA guidelines.

This is a render of the above model.