Some interesting videos I’ve found.

Amazing Discovery With Magnets

PCBMotor’s Traveling Wave Piezoelectric Motor

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Bootstrap Studio Has Had a Baby!!

Yes it’s true. Stop the press!! No Royal progeny, sorry to disappoint, but Bootstrap Studio has just given birth to a new division dedicated to making documentary visualisations and communication design tuned to scientific demonstrations, invention prototyping and hazard prevention investigation. It is called, the Documentary Design Development Division…  or otherwise known as the 4D department.

Stay tuned! and keep on truckin!





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The Earth

Some tests I’ve done recently mapping a MovieClip onto a sphere using the BitmapTransformer Class from

Click on the image above to see the swf demo. Then anywhere on the sphere and drag to rotate the globe.

Click here to see a funny version of this. (Only if you have a web camera)

Map is from Wikipedia :

Download Source:

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Motion Tracker

A webcam is essential for this.

My first experiments with some Motion Tracking inheriting and enhancing  the scripts downloadable  from SoulWire Art & Technology

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Hello Ducky!

This is a class I call Ducky Magick. Focus the flash window and use the arrow and PgUp And PGDN keys….

Uses papervision2 and loads a DAE file of a rubber duck..

Download the source below:

source (2.5MB)

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