“Cast Some Light And It Will Be Alright…”

This is the first draft of a non profit art installation which I am working on. A self similar recursive process of discovery and resolving of the process. It involves projection mapping of the art gallery of NSW. Yes, there is some girl’s face there at the beginning. I just used images I downloaded from the web as the projection plate for this test. Some of the on-site measuring is needed to be completed. I’m still doing the 3D modelling, so the alignment is a little out in spots. I hope to give the idea of what I’m am ultimately going to achieve. The background music is Crosses by Jose Gonzalez. Just wanted to share.

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AV Sequencer.

MADE in MAX/Msp and Flash AS3.

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Bootstrap Studio Has Had a Baby!!

Yes it’s true. Stop the press!! No Royal progeny, sorry to disappoint, but Bootstrap Studio has just given birth to a new division dedicated to making documentary visualisations and communication design tuned to scientific demonstrations, invention prototyping and hazard prevention investigation. It is called, the Documentary Design Development Division…  or otherwise known as the 4D department.

Stay tuned! and keep on truckin!





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Sydney Town Hall : Mapping The Organ

I did all the 6d modeling and animation for this.

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Versalles – New Video Uploaded

This is another video compilation of the Versalles projection we did for LG’s launch of the new LCD 3d TV.

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LG 3D Projections

This is an event I worked on with my partners from Shuffle Media (http://shufflemedia.com.au). We did a show recently in Venezuala for LG to promote their new LCD 3D TV’s that are coming out soon. On this project I did all the 3d.

I will post more videos of the event soon but here is a little sneak preview of the few tests we did the night before.

Here is some more work from my good friends at Shuffle Media. THX GUYS!!! We love U!

Stay Tuned for more exciting projection mapping projects!

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