Calling for Investors

Bootstrap Studio is looking for investors in a new hybrid, extremely ultra-economical, fast and versatile car concept I have in mind. I would like to create a prototype and am looking for some cash injection to make it a reality. I’m sure there would be great rewards if the initial capital is available.

I also have other worth while and sure thing, winning ideas if the right person is able to help out.

For more info please email me:

Bradley Wong

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Some interesting videos I’ve found.

Amazing Discovery With Magnets

PCBMotor’s Traveling Wave Piezoelectric Motor

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The Rotobike Wheel


I like the name because it sounds like Robocop. My latest renders for my rotobike wheel. It’s basically a radial engine reversed around. Where the pistons are the connecting rods and the connecting rods are now the pistons. They actually look a little like shock absorbers. The cylinders are centered around the axle instead of being placed around the outside. They are actually just hydraulic armatures mounted on hinges which are those things that look similar to a link in a bike chain. The axle can be connected via a belt or chain system or by using a direct gearing ratio. For combustion the advantage of this set up is the cylinders all face into the center of so there is only need for one spark plug and two valves. One for inlet and one for exhaust.  Which would would enter though pipes situated in the hub of the wheel connected via the forks to the body (not shown here). The system could also be run on air, vege-oil, algae-oil, petrochemicals, hydraulic fluid, or with electro-magnets powered using Bedini or Rodin coils or a even perhaps some sort of Searle device adaptations, I don’t care as long as it works haha.. :) Direct Drive It’s sort of like a six-shooter with the cylinders all splayed out in a circle and shooting into the air, where the bullets are actually hydraulic shafts firing from it that never actually leave the barrel and are thus re-cycled (no pun intended) and turn the wheel, vent the exhaust, compress the gasses, ready to fire for the next round. If anyone wants to help create. Let me know.


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