Here is a reel of some of the work I did while at Moon Communications.

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Bootstrap Studio Has Had a Baby!!

Yes it’s true. Stop the press!! No Royal progeny, sorry to disappoint, but Bootstrap Studio has just given birth to a new division dedicated to making documentary visualisations and communication design tuned to scientific demonstrations, invention prototyping and hazard prevention investigation. It is called, the Documentary Design Development Division…  or otherwise known as the 4D department.

Stay tuned! and keep on truckin!





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GHO (Formerly known as Oil And Gas).

I wish I could say I worked in oil and gas… but they changed their name before I knew them. Creative People also changed their name to Become Sydney and I didn’t event know! If they’d asked me first I would have suggested they use “Becomes Sydney”. Then you could use the arithmetic notation in Pascal ‘:=Sydney‘ but I guess only geeks like me would get it.

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