Asus Xtion PRO Live using Airkinect-2

AIRKinect Extension is a Native Extension for use with Adobe AIR 3.0.

AIRKinect allows AIR developers to create Microsoft Kinect and Asus Xtion PRO Live applications that enable real time motion capture without the use of markers in the traditional sense of wearing a black suit and having  lots of luminescent reflecting balls stuck to every conceivable oriface Trust me I’ve had it done to me before. It’s a bit revealing if you don’t like your packing all out there for everyone to see, if you know what I mean!

For some reason, in this demo it keeps adding new players. The app was getting slowed down by the screen capture program. It ran much smoother without it on, but it made for some hilarious glitches, sort of like the old Max Headroom days. Anyway in the end, it almost appears like I’m river-dancing with my own 3d avatar. Hope  you enjoy. More tests and results to come… watch this rivavataring space!


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